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About the Project


Become the leader you were always destined to be

This strategy game doesn't get any more real than this - for the first time ever on the Solana network, real economics laws are applied, and YOU have the full ownership of the in-game cryptocurrency and NFTs involved in this real-world simulation.

Our team has achieved the most accurate economics simulation of the Middle Ages period. As a player, you will be facing the same issues that they faced back then, which were nightmares for the leaders of that time. It's not just about conquering land and resources - it's much more than that.

Corruption, smugglers, being tempted by inflation and other tricks that world leaders have pulled before - the possibilities are endless. The invisible hand of the market will come in play in a several different ways, which makes Wealth of Nations the most interactive game of its kind! Don't let those aspects scare you though - even a child can manage his own state because we've made in-game advisers available to the leaders that need some help… But beware, as those brats love getting a slice of your pie.

We've spent years (yes, years) checking out every economical aspect of the game in every possible environment just so that we could deliver the most realistic economic simulation. We now have onboarded design wizards to make our vision come to life in line with modern user experience and beautiful design.

Play to Earn


You get to earn the cryptocurrency DUCAT by robbing your enemies in PVP, trading with nations - allies or enemies, growing your economy through monetary policies and others, diplomatic blackmail or even by simply mining gold (if your land possesses ores!).

Tokens and NFTs will be openly traded on exchanges and marketplaces.

Our main driver is to reward players for their talent, wit and efforts. Unlike other gaming companies that evict or ban people for making money off their virtual economical system, we ENCOURAGE IT! We WANT YOU to earn as much money as humanly possible in Wealth of Nations!

Tokens & NFT


The total supply of the in-game currency DUCATS will be 15,000,000,000.

We plan to issue them on the Solana network by June 2022 when the commercial version of the game will be officially live.

1,000,000,000 of those DUCATS will go as rewards and bonuses for NFT poster holders - check them out here!

Redeem dynamic NFT game items in the form of game posters!
Our collection of posters is part of the IGO (Initial Game Offering) sale.

The first dynamic NFT game collection of 5,000 posters of 28 unique types will be presented in total. They will be divided into four levels of rarity - the rarest one would allow you to redeem a unique item that could swing nations - quite literally.

The posters are unique and will have 2 main in-game use-cases
1. After the start of the game, each poster is redeemable for in-game currency, DUCATS, which will already have market value by that time. You would need to redeem the poster to receive the tokens. Depending on the rarity of your poster the number of tokens will vary. Once you've redeemed your poster, the image of the poster will change to specify that it has been exchanged for DUCATS.

2. Each NFT poster will also be redeemable for a surprise item and depending on the poster's rarity, could be very powerful. We will share more about those items as we get closer to the commercial launch in June 2022 - where we will fully reveal every item's characteristic. The NFT poster's image will then morph into a particular NFT item with certain stats but will remain interoperable within the game itself!



Launch of pre-alpha development

Automation of game processes,
development of realistic
economy mechanics


Introduction of IGO and listing

of the NFT token on the exchange


Improving the design, adding NFT
tokens & DUCATs. Launch Alpha Test


Finalization of game technologies and
simulation. Alpha Test.

Game experience optimization and
data collection Marketing analytics of
the project and planning strategies to attract players

Q1 2024

Update brand attributes in line with
marketing plan, attract investors,

develop supporting materials, continue alpha testing & prepare for beta testing

Q2 2024

Start marketing campaign, attract gamers,
and alpha testing, open new servers: 1 June

Listing of DUCATs on most popular DEXs

Q3 2024

Release of ducats with NFTs

Bonus DUCATS airdropped to NFT holders.
Purchasing ducats online without using cryptocurrencies

Creating gameplay video reviews to
attract gamers. Conclusion of Beta testing on August 31

Q4 2024

Activation of unique abilities
for NFT items

Commercial start:
Official game launch

Update of political & economic systems

Beginning of mobile version development

Q1 2025

NFT skins introduced for owners
and rental options provided,

Expansion with new epochs
and civilizations