NFT-Posters + Bonus

We are very proud to release our NFTs which are in the form of thematic posters for the Wealth of Nations game. This collection consists of 5k posters of 28 types. They are divided into 4 levels of rarity. The rarest being a single 1/1 ultra rare 'NEPTUNE'

This offer is limited, so be sure to not wait too long!
The art on the posters is done by professional artists and they make for a fantastic dynamic NFT, however, you are not just buying the poster, but all the utility that comes with it. Some benefits that come with owning a poster:

  • - private access to ALPHA TEST of the game

  • - unique game items

  • - Ducats — the game currency and real tradable token

Legendary poster

Rarity: 0,009% Bonus: 7 812 500 DUCATS